Our Solution for
Concrete Pump


SAMHAN provide the best concrete pump solution with innovative and world-class concrete placing equipment.


All of our supervisors are certified and have several years of experience working in the concrete placing construction, and also our highly trained operators have spent many years for mastering their trade.


SAMHAN is a leader in ‘Concrete Placing Construction’ with the most effective and economical techniques.


SAMHAN have a responsibility to be passionate to make an all-out effort to satisfy customers with our advanced technology and best quality.

is the nation's largest company having concrete placing equipment.

High performance equipment retention and rapid operation of customer satisfaction

Since the beginning of 1997, we have been working on concrete pump cars and ultra high pressure pumps in large and small construction sites.

In particular, we have a number of heavy machinery boasts the highest performance in the theater, so we have the longest boom pumper 57M in Korea, as well as Germany's Putzmeister BSA 14000 SHP-D and high-pressure pump heavy equipment.

In November 2007, it succeeded in installing the world's first '2000 MPa Concrete High Strength Pump' on Nov. 5, 2008. Also, it succeeded in establishing the world's first pipe length of 1600m and succeeded in casting 1200m in November 2009. We have pride and pride There is.

We promise to satisfy you with excellent construction equipments that perform outstandingly in any working conditions for perfect construction.


Concrete pump truck, High pressure pump, CPB Lease (Total 55 Equipment)

Concrete pump Truck

펌프 트럭
58M x 1
57M x 1 (국내유일)
55M x 5
52M x 5
43M x 3
36M x 2
21M x 1

High pressure pump

고압 펌프
BSA 14000 SHP-D
(버즈 두바이 타설장비)
BSA 14000 SHP-D x 5
BSA 14000 HP x 4
JSP 2112H-D x 1

High pressure line pump

고압 몰리
JB-2100-HP x 2
BSF-2109-HP x 1
ELP-1115-HP x 1


M52 x 4
M42 x 3

M33 x 9
M29 x 8
M24 x 7